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Our Service Guarantee


Our Guarantee to you is that whatever the make, age or type of lift, a single installation or a group, we ensure the safety and reliability of the lifts we service 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.

All maintenance calls are directed to our dedicated 'Call Out Centre', which in turn advises our engineers of the relevant site and problem. If the call is after 5.00pm or at a weekend we have 'in-house' trained operatives on a designated out of hours telephone number to take your calls. 

Should there be a breakdown of the lift/s we will return the lift/s to normal service as quickly as possible and when a repair is required, we ensure we get the correct expertise and parts to site on time with fast and effective solutions.

Elite Elevators operate a computer based service spares system, to ensure required stock levels are maintained and replacement parts are readily available when required.

Our extensive 'in-house' manufacturing facilities also enable us to produce bespoke parts within an exceptionally quick time scale.

We also have rapid response motorbikes to attend at trapped passenger situations.

We at Elite Elevators pride ourselves on our progressive attitude and our willingness to adapt to our customers requirements of the modern society in which we work and live.

With this in mind we hold regular departmental meetings to discuss our customer' requirements, in order to offer the best option or service possible, to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We also have a policy of holding regular meetings on site with our customers to discuss our service and your requirements. Our sales and service divisions work hand in hand to ensure our customers continued satisfaction.